Thames Valley Regional Group of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting
Marga Shaw
Source Language Target Language
English German
Specialist Areas
Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Environment, Food technology, Medicine, Patents, Pharmaceutics
Activities: Translation, Proofreading, Revision
Name: Marga Shaw
Qualifications: Medical laboratory technician - German Diploma, MITI
Address: 21 Ashlea Road, Chalfont, St Peter, SL9 8NY
Telephone: 01753 886511
Fax: 01753 880817

Translator, proofreader and revisor from English into German (mother tongue) with 7 years research and 20+ years translation experience (Qualified Member of ITI) specialising in medicine, biochemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, life sciences, food technology and environmental subjects. Activities include the translation of reports, books, scientific papers, drug applications, clinical trial protocols, investigator’s brochures, patient information leaflets, monographies, manuals and patents in this field. Software: Microsoft Office 97 for Windows; Textbridge OCR, v. 9.5.


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